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Mežmaļi wooden windows and doors are manufactured from premium quality Latvian pine, birch, oak and ash. We are confident that wooden windows and doors from local materials will bring an authentic, warm and cosy atmosphere in every home.

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Mežmaļi is a company with over 20 years of experience in manufacturing wooden windows and doors. We believe that premium quality wooden windows and doors that are made in Latvia will create the best first impression about any building, show the taste of the owner and his understanding of authentic values.

Mežmaļi craftsmen are true masters of their trade, specialized in wooden window and door manufacturing since 1996. Every customer will receive our attention, and we will consider and bring to reality even the most specific wishes and needs.

Mežmaļi wooden windows and doors will provide additional value to the building and make you feel proud.

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We are recommended as craftsmen who deliver on their promises, quality and deadlines.



We are perceived as advisors who openly assess whether your ideas are feasible. If not, we will offer suggestions to bring them into reality.

Individual approach

We are known as craftsmen who can implement unique and custom ideas for non-standard buildings and apartments.

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Excellent quality of work, otherwise we wouldn’t be partners for so many years. What I like about Mežmaļi, is that they are willing to think outside the box and look for solutions for non-standard situations. To summarize – every wish is made real with Mežmaļi.

Ilze Melgalve, Berķene manor

Peteris Blums (Pēteris Blūms) architecture studio was established more than a quarter of a century ago. Over the years, many partners have come and gone, many are long forgotten, but Mežmaļi windows was the most valuable recommendation for manufacturing of historical windows, and it has not changed. They were the first to realize that one of the core values of architectural legacy is the skill in preserving the authentic wood windows and the aesthetic equivalence and technical quality of their newly made equivalents. This is what they know how to do, and they love it. Their windows are usually the guarantee of the authenticity of a historical building.

Peteris Blums, architect

When we need to help our customers to choose the best window and door manufacturer, it is not difficult to find arguments in favour of Mežmaļi – they always correctly assess the needs and expectations of the client, they offer the best solutions for replacing the windows and doors of historic buildings, and they are never simplistic or standardized; they are not afraid to think outside the box, look for and creatively implement yet unexamined technical or finishing solutions. The Mežmaļi team is amazingly patient with the demands of architects, that sometimes can border on whims. It is nice to see manufacturers who are excited by creative endeavours and are not counting the hours spent at work and the effort it takes to achieve the intended result. I trust their recommendations because Mežmaļi experience and lessons learned through practice is an invaluable safety net. It is always a pleasure to work with them because I can be sure – the result will be exceptional.

Elita Pole, Architect / Designer

We have had many years of successful collaboration with SIA “Mežmaļi+”. During this time, we have formed a mutually beneficial, loyal and positive relationship. We highly appreciate the quality and service provided by SIA “Mežmaļi+”. SIA “Mežmaļi+” is a trusted partner, and we are glad about our cooperation and we intend to continue it in the future.

Sandris, SIA “AIMASA”

Manufacturer of premium quality doors and windows offers a personal approach and individual solutions. Particularly good cooperation in the construction of historical objects. SIA “TUTOR”

Vilnis Gavars, Builder / Designer


They are our trusted long-term partners we can count on. Always precise and responsive, with high quality standards. Ready to find a solution in any situation.
It is a pleasure to work with them, and I am happy for their success.

Juris Smans, Loyal customer

“Mežmaļi” is a company with which the collaboration is fast and straightforward. Responsive personnel and high-quality service. Windows and doors are manufactured quickly and in line with the customer’s needs.

Armands Rudevics (Armands Rudēvics), PRO Būvnieks

Our company specializes in the restoration of historic wood buildings. “Mežmaļu” windows are an outstanding added value to our projects in Riga and elsewhere in Latvia.

Janis Pelsis (Jānis Pelsis), SIA Kalnciema Kvartāls