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European-type wooden windows are the right choice if you are looking for the perfect balance between cosiness and modern technological achievements. European-type wooden windows are suitable for private and public buildings, as they are both functional and visually appealing, and will fit any interior.

European-type wooden windows have excellent sound insulation, maintain warmth in the room and provide protection against other outside influences. Use of European-type wooden windows is convenient and straightforward. Besides, the costs of European-type wooden window manufacturing are comparatively lower than the costs of historical windows.

We offer different types of European-type wooden windows with different thermal transmittance.

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    We offer different types of European-type wood windows with different thermal transmittance.

    • European-type wood windows 68 mm with 26 mm double pane, U>1 W/m2K
    • European-type wood windows 90 mm with 48 mm triple pane, U<1 W/m3K
    • European-type wood windows 108 mm with 48 mm triple pane, U<1 W/m3K

    Opening directions: left and right, inward

    Ventilation modes: tilt, winter airing.

    European-type wooden windows are manufactured according to custom order and sizing.

    You can also order matching internal window sills. The inner wooden sills are manufactured from glued solid wood panels. The surface of the sill is layered with glaze to achieve an aesthetic surface without any visible connections. The standard thickness of the sill is 40 mm. We offer different profile solutions for the front part and corners of the sills.

    A wide selection of colours from RAL and NCS catalogues is available. We also offer colour glazing (stained lacquered surface with the visible wood grain) to preserve the natural look, while, at the same time, matching the shade with other interior elements (for example, floor or doors).

    Different interior and exterior paintwork are possible.

    We recommend selecting the colour by looking at our colour catalogues in our production facility in person.

    European-type wooden windows are generally manufactured from Latvian pinewood. For special custom orders, we also offer oak or exotic timber materials.

    We use German ROTO and SIEGENIA fittings.

    The benefit of European-type wood windows is the possibility to manufacture the windows in virtually any shape – rectangular, oblique, arched, round etc.

    The look of the European-type wooden windows can be approximated to the appearance of historical windows by using different decorative elements, such as glazing bars and sash bars.

    At Mežmaļi production facility, you can look at the catalogues of our previous projects and draw inspiration for your original design.

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