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The European type wood windows manufactured in the carpentry “Mežmaļi” have 3 (three) year warranty period from the date the windows are delivered to the client, provided that the requirements of the building standards of the Republic of Latvia and the following rules are met:

  • During transportation and storage, the windows should be placed in an upright position at an 85-90o angle, according to the direction in which the windows are to be installed in the frame. If that is not possible, the windows should be placed with hinges facing down.
  • The storage area should be well ventilated with the relative humidity of 50-70%.
  • During the construction work, the windows should be covered by the protective film and specialized painters tape on PVC base. The tape must be removed no later than two weeks after its installation.
  • After the installation of the windows, the fitting foam must be covered with plaster in no later than 3-4 weeks.
  • It is prohibited to hang weights from the leaves.
  • It is prohibited to place any objects between the leaf and the frame to block the window or leave the windows open unattended.
  • Windows must be opened by using the fixed handle positions:
    • 90 ° – open position,
    • 135 ° – winter ventilation position (if fitted)
    • 180 ° – active ventilation position.
  • Windows may not be used as load-bearing structures.
  • Protect the fittings from the entry of any foreign bodies (building dust, debris, etc.).
  • The moving parts of the fitting must be lubricated with mineral oil once a year.
  • It is prohibited to wash the windows with aggressive chemicals.
  • The painted surfaces should be treated 3-4 times per year with special REMMERS agents, by first de-greasing the surface (REINIGER) and then adding polishing wax (POLITUR).
  • Protect the wood parts of the window from mechanical damages.

The manufacturer is not responsible for mechanical damages and other defects resulting from improper operation of the windows.

Recommendations on use

It is not necessary to treat new windows for the first time sooner than 6-8 weeks.

In case of windows with darker tint, during the warmer period, the sun may cause an increase of the surface temperature, which, in turn, may cause the release of resin through the paint. This is not considered a defect.
The surfaces that are fully covered with paint may be subject to increased wear at the beginning of the operation, which is caused by the high level of pigmentation characteristic to paints with an intense shade.

When cleaning the windows, avoid intensive, dry scrubbing. To prevent damage to the glass seal, do not clean it with sharp objects.

If in the case of eventual damage, it is necessary to repair the paint, avoid applying the paint on the rubber seals, otherwise, they will lose their elasticity.

The longevity of the windows is promoted by fresh air indoors. In the kitchen, bathroom and other rooms where there are many people, the air humidity level increases, which may cause fogging or even dripping of condensate on the internal parts of the window which may damage the wood. Therefore, it is essential to ventilate the space regularly. Intensive ventilation by fully opening the windows for 5-10 minutes several times a day is more effective and energy-efficient. Dry, oxygen-rich outdoor air warms up faster, and the pleasant climate in the room will be renewed more quickly.

With respect and best regards,
“Mežmaļi” carpentry team