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Wooden interior doors are one of the most prominent and vital elements of any interior. Due to the different wood textures, colours and fittings, wooden interior doors will perfectly complement the interior and feeling in any room.

For the wooden door to match perfectly with the rest of the interior, we will create the door according to your vision by using solid Latvian pine, birch, oak or ash wood and selecting from a variety of veneers and shading options.

We offer two types of interior doors:

  • Smooth wood interior door,
  • Dovetail wood interior door.

The price of the wooden interior door will depend on the selected material and design. To receive the best offer and pricing of Mežmaļi doors, contact us now:

    We'll send you a price quote or answer any other questions you might have

    We offer two types of doors:

    • Dovetail wood interior door
    • Smooth wood interior door

    Size – according to the custom order.

    We offer full door assembly, including the box, leaf, decorative edging (framing), hinges, locking mechanism. You can also select handles from a wide range of options available at our production facility.

    Wooden doors can be supplemented with modern solutions, for example, hidden hinges, door closers, magnetic locks etc.

    A wide selection of colours from RAL and NCS catalogues.

    It is also possible to use wood stain and varnish to preserve its natural look, at the same time matching the door to other interior elements (for example, floors, stairs, etc.).

    Wooden doors are manufactured from Latvian pine, birch, ash and oak. For custom orders, we also offer exotic timber materials.

    Dovetail panel doors differ with their relief, made according to the customer’s needs.

    Smooth doors are sleeker in their appearance.

    Wood can be combined with glass, panes, stained glass and other decorative elements.

    Implemented projects