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The historical or box-type windows are usually used in the reconstruction of old buildings, not only to retain the authentic look of its windows but also to add the functionality of a modern window. Box-type windows are mainly used in 20th-century buildings, while in older (e.g. 19th century) buildings chamfered windows are more widespread.

Our company has more than 20 years of experience in the manufacturing of box-type windows, and at this time we have become one of the leaders in the production of wood box-type windows.

Mežmaļi wood box-type windows have a great sound and thermal insulation properties which will keep the unnecessary noise out and allow saving on the heating bill in the winter while delighting your eyes with their authentic look. The box-type windows have one opening direction – inwards.

Learn more about the manufacturing and pricing of box-type windows:

We offer Box-type wood windows with 24mm 2 glass pane inside.

Thermal transference coefficient UL=1,3-1,5 W/m2k

Sound reduction index RW=35dB.

Opening directions: left and right, inward

Skylight: tilting.

Box-type windows are manufactured according to custom order and sizing.

You can also order matching internal window sills. The inner wooden sills are manufactured from glued solid wood panels. The surface of the sill is layered with glaze to achieve an aesthetic surface without any visible connections. The standard thickness of the sill is 40 mm. We offer different profile solutions for the front part and corners of the sills.

A wide selection of colours from RAL and NCS catalogues. We also offer colour glazing (stained lacquered surface with the visible wood grain) to preserve the natural look, while, at the same time, matching the shade with other interior elements (for example, floor or doors).

Different interior and exterior paintwork are possible.

We recommend selecting the colour by looking at our colour catalogues in our production facility in person.

The wooden windows are generally manufactured from Latvian pinewood. For special custom orders, we also offer oak or exotic timber materials.

We use fittings from Germany and Scandinavia.

Box-type windows are generally manufactured as analogues to the old windows in keeping with the original intent of the architect.

It is possible to use glazing bars and sash bars, as well as to produce copies of the old decorative elements.

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