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Wooden entrance doors are more versatile in their functionality as interior doors, and their manufacturing requires a lot of care. Entrance doors are not just a design element that forms the first impression of the building; their primary function is to protect the home from external environment and ensure security.

When selecting the entrance door, it is essential to consider climatic conditions, as well as to make sure that the door hinges, locks and handles not only look good but also keep uninvited guests at bay.

With the specifics of the building in mind, we will manufacture the most appropriate wooden entrance door for your needs. The price of the wooden entrance door depends on the selected materials.

To learn what Mežmaļi wooden entrance door is best for your home, contact us now:

    We'll send you a price quote or answer any other questions you might have

    Wooden entrance doors are available in two thicknesses:

    • Wood entrance door 68 mm with double pane glass or insulated panels
    • Wood entrance door 90 mm with triple pane glass or insulated panels

    Double sealing.

    You may order an aluminium threshold.

    A wide selection of colours from RAL and NCS catalogues. It is also possible to add glaze (stained, lacquered surface with visible wood texture).

    We recommend selecting the colour by looking at our colour catalogues in our production facility in person.

    The wooden entrance doors are generally manufactured from Latvian pinewood. For special custom orders, we also offer oak or exotic timber materials.

    Wooden entrance doors come with hinges with three-dimensional adjustment option.

    Multipoint lock.

    Both visible and integrated door closers can be added.

    A wide selection of handles for contemporary and historical door design.

    Wooden entrance doors are made according to custom design.

    At Mežmaļi production facility, you can look at the catalogues with our previous projects and draw inspiration for the design of your entrance door.

    Implemented projects